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Cogeneration plants can generate both electrical and thermal power so that both types of supplies can be used into the production chain.

Currently, the industrial sector xx demands an optimization of the use of the power generated so that it can be brought into its production processes. It is for this reason that cogeneration plants offer the possibility of generating both electrical and thermal power so that both types of supplies can be brought into the production chain, as well as contributing to the environment (by reducing emissions). The cogeneration plant translates into a highly efficient generation system as it is able to recover the heat generated. BENZA Energy is at your disposal to analyse and design the best electro‐thermal solution that adapts to the needs of your industrial premises.


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Green Port Energy Center

Modular System able to supply Thermal and Electrical Power in an autonomous, efficient and clean way.


  • Energetic efficiency improvement by using Thermal as well as electrical energy.
  • Outstanding emission reductions on  NOx, SOx, CO2, PM, VOC
  • Fuel costs  savings.
  • Compact equipment  able to  be transported  to the required ship.
  • Friendly control system.
  • Reliable security systems.

Spanish Ports with Ships with high demanded traffic.

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