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Mobile or fixed equipment to provide power to island antennae, radars, broadcasting stations (TV, radio) and data-warehouses for computer backup. For these uses, Benza has developed redundant power support solutions as well as parallel-network configurations and/or parallel between-gensets configurations

n the telecommunications and computer industries, distributed infrastructures are used. They are essential for both the transmission of data and their storage. This implies to ensure connectivity at points that are away from power networks (radio bases or radio stations) and to guarantee data storage (Data centers). BENZA Energy has generation solutions and hybrid systems that ensure uninterrupted supply of power at a variety of critical points and that protect both the transmission and the storage of data (computer security).


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Tandem Generators + eolic + solar system to supply energy to telecom station.


  • Securing energy supply by alternative power sources.
  • Ease for maintenance, operation and pieces interchangeability.
  • Lower Ripple and Harmonics while suppling power.
  • High Autonomy.

Telephone company.

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