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Power transmission and distribution substations require low or medium voltage generating sets that provide support to xx power transmission through the electrical grid and its subsequent distribution to ensure that power reaches its destination

The transmission and distribution of power is managed through medium and high voltage (KV) transmission lines as well as distribution substations that take this power to factories, shops and homes. BENZA Energy has medium and low voltage special generating sets that provide backup to these grid transmission and distribution points to ensure that power reaches its destination.


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2.000 MW Sub‐station

2 x 955 kVA generation and dual voltage conversion system for 2000 MW HVDC High Voltage Transmission Substation in continuous DC and  AC conversion.


  • Energy supply at two  voltages.
  • Supply assurance under any Mains fault condition.
  • Sub‐station load and dummy‐load support.
  • Reliable SCADA  communication and signaling system.
  • Operating redundancy to secure supply.

State of the art DC Substation at Spain.

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