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Ground and air transportation requires generating equipment that ensures the required environmental conditions and guarantee that supply will remain uninterrupted throughout the journey.

The ground and air exchange of packages and goods needs generating equipment that ensures the environmental conditions required by the goods as well as the supply of power to electronic and electric power equipment (which are essential for transportation operations). BENZA Energy has the ideal generation systems for electronic equipment (low emissions of harmonics) and redundancy equipment to guarantee power supply to railway lines, airports and the aerospace‐industry.


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Merchandise Railways.

2x 450kVA Generator Set dual system for  power supply, merchandise  train platforms.


  • Redundant system to secure power on merchandising.
  • Autonomous system to secure fuel and oil supply.
  • Wireless communication system.
  • High Autonomy.
  • Fast Interconnectivity and transfer switch.

Railway route at Spain.

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