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Marine applications require generating sets that meet specific requirements regarding water exchangers, exhaust gases piping, electrical installations and compliance with MARPOL standards. These generation units must be able to provide different operating frequencies and voltages to adapt to the target market.

The marine industry is one of the most versatile as regards variations in the conditions of electrical supply as well as one of the most demanding regarding compliance with safety and environmental standards. BENZA Energy provides Multi‐voltage, Bi‐voltage and Bi‐frequency solutions, which adapt to the requirements of both vessels and ports regarding not only power supply but also as far as emission reduction is concerned.


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1750 kVA marine auxiliary for power Supply on Australian Navy Helicopter Platform Ship.


  • Electrical & pneumatic elements to secure starting
  • Double wall injection system to avoid spillages
  • Cooling by radiator or heat exchanger.
  • Local & Remote control Panel.
  • Low emissions engine MARPOL compliant.

Australian Navy.

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