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Mineral extraction uses require versatile medium and low voltage generating sets that are able to operate under extreme conditions.

In the extraction processes used in mining, the foundry industry and associated sectors, robust equipment is needed to operate under extreme conditions of dust, humidity and high temperatures. Depending on the type of mining, the environment can be highly corrosive. BENZA Energy provides generating sets that can be adapted to mining machinery or operated in stand‐by in both medium and low voltage. Foto Por favor incluir el texto del documento de “proyectos” enviado en su momento.


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Steel Industry

5x 500kVA generators set working in parallel to supply process l loads.


  • Able to synchronize & share loads among Generator Sets.
  • High reliability for starting.
  • Automatic control system.
  • High Autonomy.
  • Electronic components adapted to high temperatures.

Relevant Steel industry in the world, Spain.

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