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Exploration, extraction, processing and refining activities require generating sets for both fixed and mobile equipment. Compliance with stringent standards such as the ATEX directive is required to operate generating sets in processes that carry a high risk of explosion.

BENZA Energy generators fully comply with the safety measures required by xx complex processes of exploration, extraction, processing and refining of oil and gas at petrochemical (refinery) “Downstream” facilities. For each of the above phases, BENZA Energy offers diesel and gas generating sets xx designed to customer’s specifications in order to meet oil premises requirements and the corresponding processes ( in accordance with safety and operational standards). Regarding off‐shore installations, BENZA Energy provides solutions adapted to the harsh conditions of the oil rigs, optimising space and in compliance with their operational and safety requirements.

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300 MW Cogeneration Plant.

1 x 1745 kVA   Auxiliary Generator Set  for energy supply,  control  and  telemetry of loads related to 300 MWe  generated  from  a cogeneration  installed within a refinery.


  • High reliability for starting.
  • Control System for complex maneuvering.
  • Reliable SCADA communication and signaling system.
  • Integrated compact system for transportation and maintenance.

Refinery at Mexico.

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