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Wastewater treatment plants (WWTP), dinking water treatment plants (DWTP), desalination plants, osmosis plants, pumping stations need generating sets that provide them with reliable support in their operation.

At the different stages of water treatment and use, drinking water treatment plants (DWTP), desalination plants, osmosis plants, Wastewater Treatment Plants (WTP), water pumping stations, etc. are used. To ensure the uninterrupted operation of these plants, generating sets are an indispensable requirement for these water treatment plants. BENZA Energy provides power generation solutions for the different cycles of the water industry, thus ensuring the supply of this vital element for life (farming, watering, etc.)


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Pump Station

México City Water Pump Station   fed by a Medium Voltage Generator Set  with capability for  3400kKA , 4160V, 60Hz , design it for starting  6  x 300 kWe electro-submersible pumps in case that the electrical Network fails


  • Withstands instantaneous high demanded loads.
  • Friendly Control System.
  • Voltage and Frequency Drop Control.
  • High Temperature Cooling System.

México Water Pumping Station.

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